RCPs are by their nature skilled in a wide array of specialties. These organizations have self-identified as having specific expertise in areas of interest to other RCPs. Use this list to see which partnerships might be able to lend some insight or experience.

These RCPs include advocacy and policy among their specialties.

These RCPs have taken a deep dive into developing strategic conservation plans and maps that incorporate resilience to climate change as a factor.

While dozens of RCPs protect land as a partnership, these organizations view Collaborative Land Protection as a core specialty.

These RCPs have engaged in external communication and branding activities to promote their partnership-level activities to external audiences.

These RCPs focus on habitat connectivity at scale as well as support ecological research.

These RCPs view their engagement with unconventional partners in other sectors as among their noteworthy specialties.

These RCP members have developed specialized skills in seeking to increase funding for their conservation activities (e.g., land protection).

As RCPs grow and take on more activities, a steering committee and working groups may help the partnership make decisions, navigate relationships with outside partners, and take advantage of timely opportunities. These RCPs have expertise in governance and organizational development:

These RCPs have demonstrated success in reaching out to and engaging individual and family forest and farmland owners.

These RCPs routinely engage municipalities.

These RCPs have a mix of high- and low-capacity partner organizations and often include some form of training or skill-building programs for members:

Typically, successful RCPs share one trait: strong partner engagement. These organizations see this as one of their specialtie.

These RCPs have developed special expertise in research, measuring their impact, and in data sharing.

These RCPs specialize in collaborative restoration projects:

These RCPs engage their members in collaborative land stewardship projects.

These RCPS have conducted mapping projects to advance regional conservation efforts: