Climate Justice & Resilience: Getting to How

The 2022 RCP Network Gathering was held virtually on November 17 from 9 am to 3 pm.

In our 2020 and 2021 Virtual RCP Network Gatherings, we introduced the concepts of Land Justice and Equity and the place for Conservation organizations in advancing Land Justice.

In 2022, we shifted our focus to the “how” of Land Justice and resilience:

  • How does Climate Justice relate to your work?
  • How do we build new, authentic, mutually valuable relationships?
  • What concrete steps can we take to incorporate justice into our work?
  • How can we deepen our relationships with each other as a network of peers?

Our Keynote Speakers talked about Why and How to “build a new table” in conservation work — one that includes all people interested in conserving their community’s resources and strengthening its resilience.

Morning Session: Relationship Building for Conservation and Climate: How to form transformational relationships with new partners

In this moderated panel, we’ll hear several community and conservation partners share their stories of how they came to work together. You’ll learn about their shared projects that brought them together and listen to them talk about their journey together. Through the stories you’ll hear and the breakout work following, you’ll have a chance to learn and reflect on:

  • Practical strategies for lowering the barriers in our work and identifying resources that bring value to your communities.
  • How to reach out to organizations that are actively working in your community.
  • Identifying potential partners and what work you will do together.
  • How to move your community relationships from transactional to transformational.

Afternoon Session: Collaboration for Conservation and Climate: How Organizations are collaborating to build Climate Justice and Resilience into their work and community

Once you’ve built relationships, what are the things you can do together to help communities increase their resilience to climate change and centering land justice in that work? A moderated panel of speakers will highlight ways individuals and organizations are bringing resilience and justice into their work and communities. With speaker experiences and stories and breakout group activities, participants will have an opportunity to discuss and practice:

  • Simple steps to help us connect with our communities.
  • How to advance Land Justice without mission drift or overtaxing resources.
  • Practices that build mutual understanding and connection.

Panel discussions and breakout session activities will include:

  • Lowering the barriers that prevent us from being more inclusive so we can help advance Land Justice.
  • The simple steps we can take to change how we connect with our communities.
  • How to advance Land Justice without mission drift.

Don’t miss the chance to learn, connect and make a plan to advance collaborative landscape protection in your community at the 2022 RCP Network Gathering.

Take a Moment to Connect with the Network

Are you interested in networking with other RCP Gathering participants? Are there skills you’d like to develop further? Do you have skills you would like to share with others? Fill out this form to add yourself to the Networking map and connect with other participants. Explore the map below to learn more about other conservation peers in your region.

Watch the 1-minute Gathering overview video

What is the RCP Network Gathering?

The RCP Network Gathering is a free, one-day virtual conference designed to bring together Conservation practitioners to support their work in advancing collaborative landscape protection in the Northeast.

Why Join the 2022 RCP Network Gathering?

  • Learn how we can build a more resilient and inclusive conservation movement responsive to the expressed needs of historically marginalized communities.
  • Get inspired by the Gathering’s keynote panel and session speakers.
  • Connect with new peers and reconnect with current ones at our breakout sessions.

Participate the way you want

While we have designed the virtual event to engage participants from beginning to end, we’ve also built in flexibility in understanding the competing demands on your time. So we encourage you to participate at whatever level and degree you choose. Come for just one session or all. Watch and listen or actively participate before, during, and/or after.

Forestry Credits

Attend the Gathering webinar in full and earn 3.5 Continued Forest Education (CFE) credits through the Society of American Foresters (SAF) certification program.

Watch last year’s recap video below.