The Wildlands in New England report could not have been completed without the help of dozens of partners who suggested potential Wildlands to evaluate for inclusion in our database. Since
accurate and current data are critical for documenting progress towards Wildland goals and
supporting all stakeholders in conservation and policy, the Harvard Forest and Highstead will
maintain an openly accessible set of data archives, web-based maps, and tools to share current
information on all protected open space and Wildlands for the six-state region.

If you have a property that you believe should be included in our database as a Wildland, according to the criteria outlined in the Wildlands in New England Report, please submit it to us. These criteria are explained on pages 29 to 43 of the full report (using the number as printed on the bottom of the page).

Submit a Wildland property for consideration, using our application form.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the authors at