Sebago Clean Waters is a collaborative formed to protect water quality, community well-being, a vibrant economy, and fish and wildlife habitat in Maine’s Sebago watershed through voluntary forestland conservation.

These goals are supported by businesses, watershed landowners, municipal leaders, and private citizens. The work we do together is inspired by the countless benefits the watershed provides to this region’s residents, visitors, and downstream water users.

Highstead has been a lead partner on Sebago Clean Waters since its founding in 2017.

A Rare and Critical Resource

Sebago Lake is one of only 50 surface drinking water supplies in the country that requires no filtration before treatment. One out of six Mainers (more than 200,000 people) and Maine’s fastest growing businesses depend on this pristine resource. The forests that serve as the wellspring for these waters create, filter, and sustain this exceptionally pure water supply.