The 2018 Careers in Conservation conference was held on Saturday, November 10, with 170 attendees spending the day learning about various aspects of conservation and networking with organizations and each other throughout the day. Both undergraduate and graduate students came from a variety of institutions – Harvard University, Middlebury, Brandeis, Boston University, University of Connecticut, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Bunker Hill Community College, University of New Hampshire, Tufts University, Northeastern University, Wellesley College, MIT, WPI, and University of Rhode Island among others.

The schedule of the day included:

  • A keynote address by Rand Wentworth, Louis Bacon Senior Fellow in Environmental Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School and President Emeritus of the Land Trust Alliance.
  • Five engaging workshops: Law & Policy (Steve Small), Conservation Biology (Onja Razafindratsima), Government (Paul Phifer), Communications (Clarisse Hart), and Finance (Nathalie Woolworth).
  • An interdisciplinary panel featuring Dr. Kelly Kryc, Director of Marine Conservation Policy and Leadership at Anderson Cabot Center of Ocean Life, The New England Aquarium, Dr. Richard Wrangham, Professor of Biological Anthropology at Harvard University and Charles Tracy, Landscape Architect at the National Park Service.
  • A networking lunch with representatives from local Boston organizations, including the New England Aquarium, TerraCorps, Sierra Club, Massachusetts Audobon, the International Land Conservation Network, The Conway School of Landscape Design, the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Harvard Forest, Academics for Land Protection in New England, and the Highstead Foundation featured job and internship opportunities.

Many thanks to the Harvard College Conservation Society for all of their efforts in putting the conference together. We look forward to working together on the 2019 Careers in Conservation conference. Photo credit: Amy Li.


“Everything was excellent, the keynote speaker was inspiring and the panel discussion was thought-provoking.”

“I especially liked the Biology workshop and the list of career resources she provided at the end. She gave great practical advice.”

 – 2018 Student Attendee

“Really impressive, especially Jim Levitt who filled in on such short notice. “

“Keep up the great work! This was my third CiC, and it blows me away every time.”

– 2018 Student Attendee

It was wonderful to talk with so many eager people who are committed and passionate about conservation, and also to connect with colleagues in the field. I heard from many attendees that they were really enjoying the day and all that was being offered.

This was a really great opportunity for TerraCorps, and we were thrilled with the level of interest and engagement we received from conference attendees.

– Mackenzie SainsChief Philanthropy Officer, TerraCorps, Exhibitor