New England Forestry Foundation

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New England’s forests are at the heart of the region’s way of life. Together, through land conservation and sustainable forestry, we can ensure future generations enjoy a beautiful, thriving New England.

Founded in 1944, NEFF pursues innovative programs to advance conservation and forestry throughout New England. In partnership with land owners, NEFF has conserved more than 1.1 million acres of forest, including one out of every three acres of forestland protected in New England since 1999.  Together, we:

LEAD BY EXAMPLE. NEFF owns 140+ community forests, practicing sustainable forestry while providing opportunities for public recreation. We demonstrate the value of forestry techniques and tools that foresters, landowners, and land trusts may choose to adopt.

INNOVATE FOR IMPACT. NEFF finds new solutions to increase the pace of forest conservation and to encourage sustainable forestry. We develop new tools for communicating effectively with private landowners, more economically efficient market-based approaches to conserve large forested areas, and meaningful partnerships and programs to achieve region-wide impact.   

FOCUS ON THE FUTURE. Since its inception, NEFF has worked towards a sustainable way of life, ensuring that forests continue to support the region’s communities and all future generations. Today, climate change is making forestry even more essential to keep forests healthy, slow carbon emissions, and reduce the impacts of global warming.

SERVE A MOVEMENT. Through education, advocacy, and fundraising, NEFF continues to forge new connections to keep New England forested. Collaboration between land owners, foresters, land trusts, individuals, and a wide range of conservation groups is essential to reach the ambitious goal of keeping 70% of New England forested.