ALPINE Members Present at the AASHE Conference and Second Nature

In the third quarter of 2021, several ALPINE network participants made presentations to the AASHE conference, and to an online meeting hosted by the Second Nature network. Presenters urged colleges and universities to extend their work beyond campus sustainability to embrace the urgent call for transformative action regarding climate, biodiversity, and human well-being.  

The AASHE presentation, entitled The Future of Life on Earth: A Case for Academia’s Role in Advancing Conservation and Biodiversity to Address Climate and Human Health, was presented by: Tom Kelly, Executive Director of the Sustainability Institute and Chief Sustainability Officer at the University of New Hampshire; Mele Wheaton, a research scholar in the Social Ecology Lab at Stanford University and Caroline Beckman, student researcher; David Foster, Senior Conservationist at the Harvard Forest and Marianne Jorgensen, ALPINE network manager. The Powerpoint presentation is available here.

The Second Nature presentation, entitled The Importance of Academia’s Role in Advancing Conservation and Biodiversity to Address Climate Change and Human Health, introduced the audience to the 30x30 initiative and its connection and importance to climate, environmental justice, and human health objectives. The authors called on institutions to pivot to engage in their communities, regions, and nationally to be involved in land stewardship
and conservation as natural climate solutions. View this Second Nature Webinar presented by
David Foster and Marianne Jorgensen here.