The ALPINE Network

Starting with 24 institutions ALPINE aspires to engage the region’s academic resources: more than 180 colleges and universities; 1.2 million students; diverse lands; extraordinary talent; and a large alumni base with deep ties to the land.

ALPINE advances conservation through:

STUDENT internships with conservation organizations and agencies facilitating real-world experience with local policy and regional planning.
FACULTY research, mentorship, and teaching to address critical issues in science, law, policy, finance, and more.
ADMINISTRATIONS prioritizing land protection and stewardship for their institutions, communities, and the region.
ALUMNI engaging with institutional efforts and advancing land protection regionally,locally, and in their own backyards.

Current Initiatives/Projects

Coordination with Regional Conservation Partnerships (RCPs).

RCPs are collaborations of organizations, agencies, and individuals that advance conservation in their region. ALPINE works with RCPs by providing expertise and hands-on help to advance land protection. One avenue for this work is through ALPINE’s online database of student internships in land conservation. 

Sharing information and successful strategies.

ALPINE is building a database of New England academic institution profiles and case studies of land protection and stewardship. Materials include strategies for working with administrators and alumni. 

Recognizing Land Protection in National Green Ranking.

We strive to add land conservation and stewardship to environmental ranking systems for universities and colleges. 

Educational materials, tools and resources.ALPINE is gathering and actively sharing lectures and curricula on land protection. 

ALPINE is gathering and actively sharing lectures and curricula on land protection. 

Promoting partnerships and collaborations.

ALPINE is working with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) to conceptualize, plan, and implement a large landscape conservation initiative centered on the Appalachian Trail.