2017 W&W Release Event Highlights

On September 19, 2017, at a packed release event at Harvard University, co-sponsored by Highstead, Harvard Forest, and Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership, conservation leaders from around the region presented their view of the importance and attainability of W&W goals established in 2010, and discussed how the approaches recommended in the new report have led to success in their organizations and communities.

Rand Wentworth (Harvard Kennedy School) and David Foster (Harvard Forest) described the Wildlands and Woodlands broadened vision in the context of national conservation activity and need for local and regional action. Regional perspectives exploring forest, farmland, and recreation economy, local collaborations, and the cultural differences found throughout New England were offered by Jane Difley (Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests), Matt Polstein (New England Outdoors Center), and Jocelyn Forbush (The Trustees). Author and environmental activist Terry Tempest Williams provided a keynote address that spoke to the heart of conservation, recognizing the passion for the land and community that underlies our efforts.

  • Powerpoint overview of the expanded W&W vision, by David Foster
  • Complete video from speakers Rand Wentworth, David Foster, Jane Difley, Jocelyn Forbush, and Matt Polstein: