Policy & Finance - Overview

Conserving 70 percent of New England as forested and natural landscapes will require new local, state, and federal policies focused on permanent land conservation, as well as innovative new finance mechanisms and redoubled funding commitment.

It will take a combination of policy and finance efforts to achieve the conservation necessary to sustain the region’s economy, environment, and culture for today and tomorrow. W&W collaborative initiatives include: 

New England Forest Policy Group:  W&W partners are working to improve federal policies and funding for New England forest conservation, sound stewardship, and the health of local communities and forest economies through a growing informal regional collaborative of more than 100 conservation and forestry organizations. 

W&W Conservation Finance Group: A W&W conservation finance roundtable in 2010 led to a number of innovative conservation finance efforts in Massachusetts and beyond. 

Local Food and Farming: With our region’s suitability to growing fruits, vegetables, and cold-season grasses for pasture, farmland has always been and will continue to be an important part of the landscape. Conservation of existing farmland increases production of local farm products, potentially allowing for a tripling of agricultural land to meet future demand. 

RCP Network: A key policy goal of W&W is to support and enhance the growth and success of collaborative conservation (regional conservation partnerships or RCPs) in New England. Read more about the RCP Network and view the interactive RCP Network Map.